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Group Test Prep

Total Cost - $350
6 Hours of ACT Class Instruction
Includes Scored Practice Exam

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One-on-One Test Prep

Total Cost - $300
4 Hours of Private ACT Prep

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Upcoming Course - November 20th 
7-8 PM
6 One-Ho
ur Sessions

Session One: Monday, November 20th - Practice Test
Session Two: Tuesday, November 21st - English Section
on Three: Monday, November 27th - Math Section
Session Four: Wednesday, November 29th - Reading Section
Session Five: Monday, December 4th - Science Section
Session Six: Wednesday, December 6th - Cumulative Review


In-state tuition in Kansas costs an average of $15,000 per year. With an ACT score of 26 or higher, incoming freshmen can save an average of $20,000 over their four-year college education. 

Test prep. Tutoring.
ACT Prep Course. ACT Math. ACT English. ACT Reading. ACT Science.

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Future Group ACT Prep Dates

Upcoming ACT: First Session Begins November 20th to prepare for the December 9th ACT

Next ACT: First Session Begins January 22nd to prepare for the February 11th ACT

Who Are We

On Average Our Students Cumulatively Improve 4 to 6 Points 

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