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Kyle Shook - CEO
Math, Finance, ACT & SAT Test Prep

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Kyle Shook, CEO with ten years teaching experience, opened Andover Tutoring Scene in 2021, after noticing the struggles of local students as they navigated their post-COVID education. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he served as Marketing Director and Co-Owner of Music Scene for five years. During his tenure there, Kyle earned the title of best private piano teacher in the greater Wichita area, while managing his own student load of forty lessons per week. He also worked in the banking sector for two years. Kyle graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Wichita State University in 2017, where he studied piano under Dr. John Goering. As an alumnus of the USD 385 Public School System, he is passionate about positively impacting local schools and making learning a fun experience for students of all ages.

Jen Boyet - Operations & HR Manager
History, English, and Study Skills

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Jeff Eberle - Head Tutor & Manager
Science, Math

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Jen Boyet joined Andover Tutoring Scene in April 2022 and serves as the Operations & HR Manager. Prior to joining the ATS team, she worked in boutique talent acquisition consulting firms for four years, serving both domestic and international clients in industries as diverse as healthcare, medical devices, manufacturing, higher education, hospitality, and information technology. Jen, additionally, taught undergraduate US history for two years and privately tutored at the secondary school level for five years. An alumna of Liberty University, Jen holds two degrees in history: a Master of Arts (graduate with high distinction, 2014) and a Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude, 2012). She specialized in the cultural history of the French Revolution. Jen always has at least one history book in her personal reading stack. Her greatest joy in teaching is helping students develop a greater sense of historical perspective. 


Jeff graduated from Andover High School in 2011, then proceeded to work toward his education degree at Wichita State University. In 2017, Jeff graduated with an Education - Earth and Space Science (Secondary) Degree and taught middle school science the following year at Moundridge Middle School. Jeff also has experience with the Blue Valley School district in Overland Park, where he was long-term substituting. He is currently substituting within the Andover Public Schools. 

Olivia Chase
English, Writing, Spanish, Mathematics


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Olivia is currently a senior at Wichita State University where she will receive a Bilingual Language Degree with a minor in psychology in May of 2022. This degree has given her the opportunity to study Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL) throughout her college career. Olivia serves as a mentor to middle school and high school students at her church and loves being able to walk with, encourage, and be a part of their lives. Her hope through tutoring is to see her students reach their goals and to understand they are capable of great things.

Melisa Alfonso 
Math, Chemistry, Physics, and Spanish


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Melisa graduated from Scott City High School in 2018. She went on to Hutchinson Community College and graduated with an associate's degree in Science and Engineering. Melisa Alfonso is currently enrolled in and on pace to graduate from the Mechanical Engineering program at Wichita State University in the fall of 2024. She is minoring in Computer Science. She is a wonderful scholar and a member of the Shocker Engineering Academy. She specializes in math subjects from Algebra I up to College Calculus II.

Julie Tran 
Math, Science, English, Spanish & More

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Julie is currently attending Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School. She is currently in Advanced Placement Calculus I and many other Advanced Honor Classes. Julie is currently maintaining a 4.35 GPA. She is a driven and committed student who wants to help others with their academic success. Her favorite subject to study and tutor is Mathematics. In her spare time Julie likes to play the piano, and she also enjoys practicing photography. 

Grace Schaefer
Math, Science, English, Spanish & More

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Grace is currently a junior at Andover Central High School and is going to graduate in 2023. She is a passionate student who takes any AP courses offered and has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout all of her high school career. Grace enjoys science, math, and history courses. She is also a member of National Honors Society and helps run multiple school clubs, one being a club that helps students with special needs. Grace also is an avid singer, flutist, pianist, and is on the Varsity tennis team. She is striving toward a career in medicine.

History, Mathematics, Science, English


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Abram Huber is currently in high school at Andover Central High School and plans to graduate in 2023. He is taking every advanced class that he has the option to take, and has held a 4.0 GPA. Along with this, he also goes to an early morning seminary class four times a week through his church. His favorite subject is history, but he also enjoys sciences and mathematics. He is a hard worker, and is very persistent. A few of his hobbies are swimming, piano, video games, and politics.

Victoria Penaloza
Math, English, Reading, Spanish


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Victoria is currently a Sophomore at Kapaun Mt. Caramel Catholic High School and plans to graduate in 2024. She is taking honors classes and currently has a 4.19 GPA. She is a responsible student, and is always looking for ways to learn. Her favorite subject is math, but also likes history. She enjoys helping others-- especially kids. Some of Victoria’s hobbies are playing piano and is a member of Kapaun’s golf team.