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High School Literature Course

Olivia Chase - 
Lit Instructor

Olivia graduated from Wichita State University where she received a Bilingual Language Degree with a minor in psychology. Due to her classical education, Olivia is passionate about teaching the western literary tradition to the next generation. Olivia serves as a mentor to middle school and high school students at her church and loves being able to walk with, encourage, and be a part of their lives. Her hope through tutoring is to see her students reach their goals and to understand they are capable of great things.


Jen Boyet -
Lead Lit Instructor

New Book Every Month!

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Jen has taught students at the college and secondary levels for the past 10 years. Trained as a cultural historian, she has extensively studied the western literary, artistic, and philosophical traditions. An alumna of Liberty University, Jen holds two degrees in history: a Master of Arts (graduate with high distinction, 2014) and a Bachelor of Arts (summa cum laude, 2012). She specialized in the cultural history of the French Revolution. Jen always has at least one history book in her personal reading stack. Her greatest joy in teaching is helping students develop a greater sense of historical perspective. 

Summer 2024

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