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Our Services

At Andover Tutoring Scene, we offer a variety of service packages to meet our students' unique learning needs and schedules. Whether you require regular weekly tutoring or just a few hours of help during finals week, we can help you academically exceed! 


Monthly Subscription Package

For students who require regular, weekly assistance in just one or a variety of subject areas, we offer monthly subscription packages of tutoring hours. Because students at different stages in their academic careers require different levels of assistance, we make the following recommendations to help you decide what would best fit your student's learning needs:

0.5 Hour Per Week - $130 Per Month ($65 per hour)

For younger students (about 2nd grade and below) who have a shorter attention span and mainly need help with elementary reading/writing/spelling or math. 

1 Hour Per Week - $240 Per Month ($60 per hour)

For upper-level elementary students and older (about 3rd grade and up) who require more detailed instruction to ensure comprehension of subject matter. This package is best for students who require tutoring assistance in just one course (e.g., only needing help with Algebra I). 

1.5 Hours Per Week - $340 Per Month ($56.67 per hour)

For middle and high school students who require more extensive tutoring in just one course or detailed help with one course plus some minor help in another subject area (e.g., detailed help with Geometry plus some additional help in U.S. History). Many students also find 1.5 hours per week helpful for general homework assistance. 

2 Hours Per Week - $440 Per Month ($55 per hour)

For middle and high school students who require intense focus on one or multiple subject areas. This package level is also recommended for college students requiring help in a single undergraduate course. The hours can be split into two sessions per week, each consisting of one hour, or the student can keep the lesson to a singular two-hour session per week. 

3 Hours Per Week - $645 Per Month ($53.75 per hour)

For struggling high school students in need of intensive help in a variety of subject areas. This tier of our service is also highly recommended for AP students, as well as for those in need of individual instruction in ACT or SAT prep. If families have more than one student, this package is ideal for 2-3 students in a household. This package can be split into multiple hour-long sessions throughout the week. 

4 Hours Per Week - $820 Per Month ($51.25 per hour)

For families with four or fewer students. 

We also offer larger hour bundles for households with multiple students! Please contact our team to discuss what package would best suit your students. 

À La Carte - $75 Per Hour

For high school and college students who do not need ongoing lessons, but only require a quick boost in study help during midterms or finals, we recommend our à la carte option.

Homeschool Co-Op

For homeschool co-ops, we do offer a classroom meeting space service, so students can have their monthly or weekly co-op in a fun learning environment on weekday mornings. We offer a variety of time slot rentals---even for co-ops in need of a space for completing science lab activities! Please contact our team to discuss how we can best meet your homeschool group's unique needs.

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