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Boost Your Test Score!

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Total Cost - $380
6 Hours of Private Test Prep
One-on-One Test Instruction

Our ATS Test Prep Team Can Help Your Student With:


  • SAT

  • Accuplacer

  • GED

  • AP Exams

  • IB Entrance Exam

  • IBEW

  • ISEE

  • And more!

PSAT/NMQST is best for students...

-Aggressively pursuing scholarships

-Who want to enter the National Merit Scholarship Program

-Interested in finding out about their AP potential

Accuplacer is best for students...

-Pursuing college credit while in high school
-Need a specific course section credit
-Who have not achieved a 21 on each section of the ACT

AP Exams is best for students...

-Interested in applying at prestigious colleges and universities
-Who want to increase their chances for scholarships
-Who want to earn college credit while in high school

Future Important Test Dates

PSAT/NMQST: October 2-31, 2023
SAT: October 7, 2023; November 4, 2023; December 2, 2023; March 9, 2024; May 4, 2024; June 1, 2024
IB Entrance Exam: February 2024
AP Exams: May 6-17, 2024
All Other Tests Scheduled As Needed

SAT is best for students...

-Aggressively pursuing scholarships
-Pursuing coastal colleges and universities
-Prefer algebra over geometry/trigonometry

GED is best for students...

-Who are interested in entering college or the workforce without a high school diploma

Not sure which exam is best for your future goals?

Schedule a consultation/assessment with us to discuss which test(s) will best help you achieve your academic dreams!

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