K-12 Assessments

Reading Assessment

Students struggling to find success in math, reading, or writing should contact our assessment team. 

Reading Assessment

Our Assessment Team administers one comprehensive, customized exam. Each exam is tailored specifically to the individual student.

Reading Assessment

Testing takes approximately 90 minutes - Cost is $150

Reading Assessment. STAR Testing.

Receive your detailed ATS Diagnostic Report in 24 hours.

K-12 Assessments

Star Testing. Assessment.

- Found Out Now What Grade Level Your Student Really is and Why.

- Receive Half-Off if You Sign Up for 1 Hour or More Tutoring/Week.

- 24 Hour Results

- Easy to Understand

- Comprehensive Diagnostic

- Tailored Improvement Plan

-$150 Cost

Academic Assessment. Star Testing. STAAR Testing. Math Assessment. Reading Assessment.