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ACT Scores Are More Than a Predictor of College Success

To be admitted into college, students need at least a composite score of 21 on the ACT. Currently, the average score for Kansas high school students is 19.9. The average ACT score is at a 30-year low right now. Considering recent events and academic policies, this downward trend has become the norm.

With technological and pedagogical changes, parents and educators are having trouble impacting students. Currently, there is a lot of miscommunication between parents, high schools, universities, and policymakers. The ACT is a college admissions test, but this score is also a reflection of your child's overall education and more. It is a test that consistently represents our society's academic performance in English, mathematics, reading, and scientific study skills. All of these skills are the pillars that have built our civilization.

As a community, we should take this ACT score seriously. To reverse the downward trend, we need to recalibrate our approach to education and refocus on these pillars, which will ultimately improve our lives as students, scholars, professionals, etc. Increasing our average ACT score will not only allow us to seek further education, but it will skyrocket our abilities to learn, think critically, and apply self-discipline.

At Andover Tutoring Scene, we offer a new, innovative way to teach the ACT. We dive into the test as a whole and how it pertains to your past, current, and future schooling. Our ACT Prep Course and private ACT lessons have not only boosted our students' ACT scores, but also changed their approach to their core subjects of English, math, reading, and science. The keys to mastering the ACT not only make students into superior test-takers, but also turn them into stronger lifelong learners.

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