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Being a Part of the Best Tutoring Team Around

At Andover Tutoring Scene, we believe a major key to our success is our superb staff of tutors. Because finding the right tutor is important, we only seek the most academically well-rounded, principled, and most pleasant teachers in the area. The continual excellence of our tutors also lies in our company's core value of perpetual learning: our team is constantly developing their knowledge and skills to stay sharp in their subject areas. Of course, teaching is more than just knowing processes and facts; our team also emphasizes the importance of communication, customer service, and organization. We believe promoting these core tenets to our staff will trickle down to the students and make them better in all areas of their lives. Working at Andover Tutoring Scene is a great opportunity for both junior professionals and seasoned teaching veterans.

To attract the best talent in the greater Wichita area, we offer not only the most competitive pay in the industry, but also a plethora of other benefits.

For example, our high school tutors can attend any group course of their choice for free. Additionally, we offer flexible scheduling. Tutors can expect to operate in a cohesive work environment and improve themselves as professionals. The greatest benefit of all is the lifelong positive impact tutors have on their students.

We are the fastest growing tutor company in the state of Kansas, and our tutors have the opportunity to grow within the company. We are continuously building our organization and creating new leadership positions for our top-performing employees.

At Andover Tutoring Scene, we strive to be the most innovative tutoring service in the country, and we want change the way people view tutoring. Tutoring is often perceived as a short-term quick fix, but we know it is the

best investment when treated as a long-term commitment. Tutoring is more than fixing one subject; it is retooling a student's approach to learning, which will better prepare them for college and beyond.

If you're curious about joining the ATS team, check out our careers page below!

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