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Boosting Commerce in Andover with Google Reviews

Andover's population as of 2020 is 15,512 people. It is not only the largest city in Butler County, but also the fastest growing city in the county. This growth can be attributed mainly to the success of Andover's public school system. While having a strong reputation for education is fantastic, it is not the only component for building a thriving community. As a business owner in this town, I see so much room for growth when it comes to commerce.

Andover has a mean household income of $103,383, whereas the national average is only $70,784. When compared to cities with similar household mean incomes, Andover lags in commercial infrastructure. Arguably, the culprit for this lack of commercial activity is the fact that most residents of Andover spend their time and money in Wichita. This lack of business innovation in the community has hurt its growth and will continue to damage it in the long run. For the sake of Andover's future, it is important for businesses to work together to foster our fragile economic ecosystem.

The easiest way for local businesses to begin this process is to capitalize upon the Google Review system. In 2020, online discovery surpassed word of mouth, so Andover businesses can no longer rely on word of mouth for marketing. Ninety-seven percent of people read reviews before even considering a local business, and they often only read the first few reviews. Adding reviews for your business improves online discoverability through SEO, as well as digital reputation management. As members of the Andover Area Chamber of Commerce, businesses should leave Google Reviews for each other to easily boost our collective online presence. This will draw more attention from our competition in Wichita and help prevent further economic drain out of Andover.

Here are some easy steps to leave a Google Review:

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Tutor reviews.

For a good list of businesses to review in Andover, click the button below.

Below, we are putting the link to our Google Review page. To any business that leaves us a review, we will utilize your service and leave you a review as well. Let's all work together to keep Andover great!

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