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December Student of the Month

Congratulations to Julian Haan for winning December Student of the Month!

Tutoring. Tutor. Academic mentor.

Julian and his tutors make a fantastic team! Julian comes in multiple hours a week for help in his advanced courses, such as Spanish, Chemistry, and Modern World History. With help from Jeff, Olivia, Julie, and Jen, he has his strongest GPA yet! He has become a serious student and has learned the daily commitment it takes to reach his academic goals.

Many times, parents and students view tutoring as a quick-fix for a particular subject---here at Andover Tutoring Scene we are trying to break this misconception. Tutoring is about becoming a scholar, not just gaining proficiency in a singular area. Our diverse team of tutors helps students become better in all subjects by helping them learn how to learn. We spend time with the students developing skills such as organization, study skills, and note-taking---in addition to helping them master the nuts and bolts of their subject material.

Sign up for lessons now to receive academic mentorship across your subjects!

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