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Impacting Elementary Students 30 Minutes at a Time

Studies have shown the monumental positive impact of just twenty minutes per day of reading with your child during their elementary years. These small moments lay the way for lifelong success. At Andover Tutoring Scene, we've seen how regular, small sessions can change a child's perspective on math and reading. With just thirty minutes of tutoring per week, our elementary students have gone from below average on their STAR tests to meeting grade-level and above. Not only do these young students learn the foundational subjects of their education, they also develop the confidence that they can learn anything if they apply themselves. Learning transforms from a chore to a pleasure with these regular short sessions.

30-Minute Math Lesson Breakdown

Some students just need an extra helping hand with their homework, but, for others, our 30-minute elementary math lessons encompass a variety of activities, including multiplication drills, math comprehension, spatial awareness, pattern recognition, and more. Mastery of these skills benefits not only their performance in math class, but also a diverse array of subjects and their ability to perform tasks in everyday life. At Andover Tutoring Scene, we specialize making learning fun for elementary students during these short, impactful lessons.

30-Minute Reading Lesson Breakdown

Students can struggle with reading for many different reasons. No matter the reason, the best solution is to practice reading regularly with proper guidance. Reading along with a tutor can help correct common reading mistakes, such as guessing at words, mispronunciations, and ignoring small words. Strong reading comprehension is the basis for learning in all subjects, so these 30-minute sessions plant the seeds for all academic success. The team at Andover Tutoring Scene has helped elementary students all over the greater Wichita area develop a love of reading.

Many parents wait until their children are struggling at the secondary education level to begin tutoring. Most of these struggles are the product of unresolved math and reading issues from third, fourth, and fifth grade. Instead of waiting for these issues to blossom into complex frustrations for the students, it is better to invest a little time while they are younger to avoid these pitfalls altogether. Investing in your child's education at a young age is one of the smartest financial investments a parent can make: their chances of needing tutoring in middle and high school decreases substantially and they are more likely to achieve lucrative scholarships.

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