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The Story Behind Andover Tutoring Scene

Kyle Shook began his teaching career as a piano instructor at Music Scene in 2011. After COVID moved students into non-traditional learning environments, he noticed that his formerly straight-A piano students were beginning to struggle academically. "I thought to myself, 'If they're struggling academically, then I can only imagine how the average student is getting by,'" Kyle said. Not only were the students having a hard time, but so were the teachers and the education system as a whole. As a lifelong Andover citizen, Kyle knew the importance the city places on its education system. "I felt Andover is such a great city, because of its school systems. I didn't want COVID to diminish Andover's greatness, so I decided to start a tutoring business." Unlike a classroom setting, private tutoring allows a student to learn at their own pace. Students often have trouble paying attention in a group setting, since it is difficult for a teacher to captivate all the students equally. In a one-on-one setting, students are held more accountable for their engagement.

Kyle turned his idea into reality on August 2021 with the opening of Andover Tutoring Scene. The company has recently celebrated its one-year anniversary, and Kyle's insights regarding the need for educational support in Andover were confirmed. "I was surprised to see how many students were multiple grade-levels behind. Many of the kids were behind pre-COVID. I now feel that a tutoring business is essential for any city wanting to improve its education."

In one year of business, Andover Tutoring Scene has helped hundreds of students from Andover, Wichita, Augusta, Rose Hill, Goddard, Benton, and beyond. Andover Tutoring Scene has improved students' performance in every core subject, ACT and SAT prep, and developing study skills for higher education. As parents become savvier regarding their children's educations, Andover Tutoring Scene plans to expand to help greater numbers of students. "We plan to make an impact on the entire state education system of Kansas!"

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