K-8 Assessments

Reading Assessment

If your elementary student is struggling to find success in reading, our assessment team can administer various tests to determine specific skill deficits

Reading Assessment

Testing takes approximately 90 minutes - Cost is $150

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Reading Assessment

- Three different assessments are given.

- $150 Total Cost

- We provide all the necessary materials.

- Approximately 90-minute duration.

Quick Phonics Screener 

Quick Phonics Screener (QPS) is an assessment used to diagnose a student's strengths and instructional needs in phonics and decoding skills. Subtests measure a student’s skill in all levels of the phonics continuum, beginning with letter names and sounds and progressing through multisyllabic words. 

Other assessments may be given if more information is needed.


AimswebPlus® is an assessment, data management, and reporting system that provides national and local performance and growth norms for the screening and progress monitoring of reading skills for all students in kindergarten through grade 8. AimswebPlus® uses two types of measures: curriculum-based measures (CBMs)—brief, timed measures of fluency on essential basic skills—and standards-based assessments (SBAs), which are comprehensive measures aligned to current learning standards. Furthermore, AimswebPlus® data provides teachers with the information needed to differentiate instruction and determine who will benefit from intensive intervention. 



The Phonological Awareness Skills Test (PAST) is an informal, diagnostic, individually administered assessment to help teachers determine where students have difficulties with skills on the phonological continuum. Subtests measure a student’s skill in sentence segmentation, rhyme, and manipulation of sounds at the word, syllable, and phoneme levels. 

Early Elementary & Literacy Intervention

Jill Hodge.png

Jill Hodge is an educator with thirty-one years of teaching experience in four different states. She received a Bachelor of Arts in early childhood and elementary education (K-9), with a minor in reading and certification in gifted education. A native of North Carolina, Jill has taught Title I reading, fifth and sixth grades, and elementary gifted education. Jill was the reading specialist at Cottonwood Elementary for 19 years. Since her retirement in 2019, she has been a Literacy Intervention Specialist at Rolph Literacy Academy (RLA,) which is part of the Phillips Fundamental Learning Center. RLA is an intervention school for students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia. Jill excels in building relationships and has a strong desire to equip children to succeed academically and socially. She has the specific skills and experience necessary to assist learning-different students.

Math Assessment

Elementary students that strive to improve their mathematics, but feel limited in their success, can be administered an assessment through AimswebPlus®. These assessments will help isolate problem areas, as well as develop an effective framework with guidance in educating the student. Of the AimswebPlus® Math Assessments, you can expect to see:

  • Accurate Predictions of Math Achievements

  • An Academic Plan Presenting Start-End Goals

  • Accurate Measures in Different Branches of Math

  • Consistent Results Across Different Testing Conditions