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The Reason You Should Push Yourself in Reading

Reading is not just an essential academic skill, but a lifelong endeavor. Children who learn earlier to read are more likely to succeed in their professional pursuits later in life. Constantly challenging yourself to be a better reader has more benefits than you might even be aware of. For example, reading exposes people to different perspectives and worldviews.

The key to becoming a stronger reader is reading something above your current reading level. Like weightlifting, you should put your brain in progressive overload, each book increasing in difficulty. Doing these mental exercises consistently over time will exponentially impact your capacity to understand the world around you.

Improve ACT Score-Improve Communication Skills-Improve Critical Thinking Skills

At Andover Tutoring Scene, we strive to make reading harder books fun for our high schoolers. On Fridays, we offer a Literature Course that explores selected works from a variety of genres. Students dive deeply into these books under the guidance of a college instructor and a classically trained educator. To learn more about this course, visit our Literature Course page.

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