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November Student of the Month

Congratulations to Bradford Carpenter for winning November's Student of the Month. Bradford and his tutor Abram make a great team!

Academic tutor. School tutor. Tutoring center.

Bradford signed up for lessons in September to help sharpen his study skills. He comes in once a week for one hour to be mentored by Abram. Under Abram's tutelage, Bradford has improved in organization, study techniques, and note-taking, causing him to boost his grades across all subjects. Abram has made learning fun for Bradford, and Bradford has even received a perseverance award at school for all of his hard work!

Abram and Bradford's great connection is a stellar example of how a tutor's mentorship can positively impact a student's life. Abram has taken the time to get to know Bradford and his interests and apply that to his studies. He balances the fun of learning with the seriousness of academia, and it shows with how his students' perspective on school changes under his teaching. A tutor is more than a teacher---a great tutor is a role model!

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