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Meet Cathy McGuire, 35-Year Teaching Veteran

Andover Tutoring Scene is happy to announce that we have hired one of the most respected teachers in the greater Wichita area, Cathy McGuire! A veteran math teacher of 35 years, Cathy has taught students at all levels, ranging from basic mathematics to AP Calculus. She even taught Kyle Shook, the owner of Andover Tutoring Scene, in 2010-2011. "She was one of the most personable teachers I've ever had. Learning from her seemed effortless, because she made it fun," Kyle remembers.

Cathy's teaching style aligns with our vision at Andover Tutoring Scene: we strive to make learning as fun as possible. A key component of creating a fun learning environment is having tutors that connect well with the students. At Andover Tutoring Scene, we understand that connecting with a student requires more than just mastery of the subject material. Some students connect better with different teaching styles and perspectives. Our growing staff of 22 tutors provide a variety of perspectives that help them tailor their tutoring to our students' unique needs.

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